Mobile Nurse Practitioners

Mobile Nurse Practitioners for your Aged Care Facilities, Home Care, Mental Health and all your vaccination needs.

Vaccination Services

We offer a wide range of vaccinations including:

  • Measles
  • Cholera
  • Malaria
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • DTP
  • Polio
  • Typhoid
  • Yellow fever

Pregnancy planning and pregnancy vaccinations:

  • Rubella
  • Chickenpox
  • Whooping cough
  • Influenza
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Diptheria
  • Tetanus
  • Pertussis (whooping cough)
  • Oral polio vaccine
  • Haemophilus influenza type B vaccine
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  • Tetanus

Benefits of our vaccination services

Feature one

Our vaccine regimens are compliant with the National Immunization Program.

Feature two

  • Convenience
  • Compliance: Our vaccinations, medical staff are compliant with medical regulations
  • Professional
  • Cost

Feature three

Nurses are professionally trained to deliver a wide range of vaccines appropriately. They also have a role in raising awareness among the people on the importance of vaccination.

Feature four

And the best part is that you get these quality services at home. Simply call us and our trained nurses will come to your doorstep to administer your vaccination. Multiple or single vaccinations can be booked according to your need.

Home Care

There is a saying that says, “Home is Where the Heart Is” and at Mobile Nurse Practitioners we believe that remaining at home is the best and most comfortable solution as you age. We understand that as you age, daily tasks become more difficult with time, and living independently at home becomes impossible. But this doesn’t mean that the only solution left for you is to move into an old home. With our home care services, you can live in your cherished home and get the assistance of our qualified nurses. Our dedicated and professional team will provide the best quality of home care in the city. Let our nurses help you or a loved one to maintain independent living while they age in the comfort of your own home.

The benefits of our home care

Specialised Care

We know that assistance with personal care in daily activities like bathing, dressing, cooking, or medication can make an impact on the quality of your life. We also know that personal care is a sensitive issue for different individuals. This is the reason we advise our caregivers to be discreet and build a rapport with their patients so they are more comfortable. This also helps them in delivering a more personalized experience to the patient.

Providing you company

Our trained professionals not only assist you with your daily activities but also help you with tasks like grocery shopping, taking you to your doctor for a check-up, accompanying you to a social event, or simply offering their companionship for your loved ones. Our caregivers are there to make sure you’re well looked after in terms of eating healthy, staying active, and getting all the medications on time.

Chronic condition management

Chronic condition management is based on a relationship-centred approach that enables our staff members to deliver personalized care. It also helps to make our patients feel safe in their own homes. The at-home care builds confidence and encourages them to engage in society. In this way, it creates more opportunities for social interaction improving the overall well-being of your loved ones. Our staff engages the elderly in stimulating activities that also help improve their strength.

Medication management

Our nurses make sure that all your medicines are taken on time and if you have difficulty in keeping track of the medicines, they will make sure that your prescriptions are filled in time.

Palliative Care

We understand that palliative care is a difficult time in a family’s life, therefore; we are here to support you during this time. We provide meaningful care not only for your loved ones but also for your family members that are necessary for your emotional and physical needs at this time.

We aim to improve your daily life as much as possible and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our quality of care that improves the quality of your life.

Mental Health

We offer our mental health services to help substance abusers get their life on track. Appropriate management for Substance use abusers and others:

We all know that addiction causes your life to fall into a vicious cycle that leads to mental illnesses. It can destroy lives, sever family ties, and makes people homeless. Mobile Nurse Practitioners help people in managing their addiction and gaining control of their sobriety. Our counsellors help transform client lives by administering safe and effective substance abuse treatments.

We offer both short term and long term management programs that not only detox your body but also aim to:

  • Assist your complete and safe withdrawal from drug or alcohol abuse
  • Make sure that you continue your treatment until you are better
  • Motivate and enable you to maintain a healthy lifestyle during your recovery.

Our services include management by:

  • A trained and qualified professional that can oversee your treatment
  • Coaching sessions
  • Advocacy
  • Getting you in touch with community resources that can evaluate your mental health at different stages during this treatment.

Aged Care

Caring for an elderly or disabled loved one? Taking care of a parent or family member who is aging or is disabled can be quite taxing once their conditions become more serious. We know that healthcare assistance in daily life requires skills and knowledge that only a professional nurse has. Our nurses are fully trained to support the personal and healthcare needs of your loved ones. Our trained professionals not only educate the caregivers but also guide them and offer their supervision so that your loved one is well looked after.

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