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Passionate Team. Always there for you.

Mobile Nurse Practitioners provides medical and nursing services in the clinic, aged care, care and support for patients as they recover from surgery or an illness, or if they require daily assistance in activities of life as they are adapting to life-changing circumstances through infirmity or disability. We provide travel and all other types of vaccination as recommended by the Australian National Immunization Program along with mental health services for people with a history of substance abuse.

We employ highly qualified and well-trained nursing professionals who can deliver healthcare according to Australian standards. Our quality assurance policy dictates ongoing and specialized training. Our staff participates in regular training sessions to keep them up to date with new protocols of care provision so they can deliver the best quality of care for our patients.

Our company is based on four core organizational principles: honesty, reliance, service, and accountability.

At Mobile Nurse Practitioners, we inculcate collaboration, truthfulness, respect, and empowerment in our staff. We endeavour to reflect these values in our work and how we perform our work tasks.

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